June 14, 2009


The house I lived in for 4 months! I loved this house! I had elecricity (when we had power!), running water (when taps were on!) and the children constantly coming over to play!

Our kitchen when I first arrived in September 07. I had it all to myself when Tatiana left for home a week later!

Junior brushes his teeth! An every morning routine!

The deprived one-room church the children learned in when I first arrived! Leaking roof, crumbling floor and chalkboard, and a lack of supplies and teaching resources.

An example of a child`s work on graphing!

The view from Kaneshi bridge, overlooking the insane traffic and thousands of tro-tros!

The complete opposite of bustling Accra. Village life is serene, so quiet and beautiful!

Witnessing my first ever live reggae performance by Jamaican star Luciano!

Through countless donations from a few special Fort residents, I was able to develop a food program for my SMART KIDS at the Buduburam Refugee Camp, home to 40,000 refugees from Liberia, Cote D`Ivoire and Siera Leone.

Me and a few of my SMART KIDS!

Me and the members of the Pan African Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution on Buduburam camp. Includes Kadio, the director, Peter and Solo who are like brothers to me, and some of the Former Child Soldiers I worked with!

A most wonderful birthday spent with my man at the fancy La Palm beach resort!

Spending the evening on the beach of Keta in the Volta region. One of my favorite spots on earth!

Family, friends and strangers raised over $5,000 dollars for Africa. We used it to build a new school for the children of Idea & Ideology!

My dear friend Kofi, a man I admire so much! He is the director for Idea & Ideology!

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