June 16, 2009

Stories to Inspire

This is John Bul Dau's inspirational story GOD GREW TIRED OF US. This is such an empowering book and it made me cry over and over. It highlights the Lost Boy's experience of walking through the desert of Africa to escape the brutal civil war that killed so many of his family and friends. It is now an acclamied documtary film.

WAR DANCE is a documentary about the children of Northern Uganda and their traumatic experience with the LRA, life in an Internally Displaced Camp, and the music that helped change their life!

Emmanuel Jal is one of my African heros and he is doing so much to break the cycle of arms that is gripping his continent. His story WAR CHILD is so compelling. It highlights his early years in Sudan as the war broke out, the loss of many of his family and friends, and his gripping story as a child soldier for the SPLA. Awesome book!

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